Neighbours at war over 'Monstrous' loft extension that knocked thousands off the value of their home.

24th August 2022


Loft conversions in London have now become much more commonplace, given the space they add to your home, making it much more comfortable to live in. However, the debate over loft conversions can be difficult to resolve. Here’s another classic case of a ‘war’ over a house extension, with one side claiming that a neighbour has reduced the value of their house by thousands and for a monstrous loft extension.

Rod and Alison Pearson bought their three-bedroom house for £167,000 about four years ago. Before they bought, they were unaware of their neighbours’ plans to convert the loft into a print and playroom. They now claim they have been very disturbed by the neighbour’s loft for a whole year. The building blocks have blocked the sunlight from entering their house, causing them a lot of trouble.

The Nottingham Council approved the loft conversion plans, despite claims made by Rod and Allison about how this would cause problems for them. Rod added further that he felt that this loft conversion was done in a rather peculiar way – he says it resembles bungalows that have been plonked up top of the house.

The couple has also considered moving out because the loft conversion blocks next door have blocked all pathways for sunlight to enter their home. In addition, an estate agent brought to their notice that this extension lowered their property value by £10,000, and this has angered them the most.

The couple claims they loved to sit in their garden and have their morning coffee, soaking up some sun. But the house extension next door has ruined their lovely family experience. They love their house and never even considered moving out, but now they feel like they have no other option left. They feel like even if they decide to sell this house and move out, they’ll be the ones on the losing end, facing a huge loss on their property due to its falling worth.

They are very angry with the entire state of affairs because they feel like the council didn’t even take notice of their complaints, which they feel are genuinely valid. They can’t enjoy their own home because of the adjacent house extension in London.

When they walk out of the conservatory, it almost looks like the dormer on the roof is hanging over them. It is a very unpleasant feeling and has made them very frustrated. Rod claims that ever since the loft extension work started around a year ago, all they have faced is problems.

Problems like these are common. Many a time, neighbours claim that these extensions are causing them a lot of trouble. The case of Rod and Alison is one such case. Several other cases like these show the immense number of problems some neighbours have to face with loft extensions in London over time.

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