Can my loft conversion be carried out under permitted development?

12th July 2022

Loft conversions can sound like an exhilarating prospect. It means that you will have so much extra space in your house that you can utilise for many different purposes. You can convert it into an extra bedroom, a guest room, or even a study area. Not only do loft conversions add so much space, but they also greatly add to your house’s value.


However, if you plan on getting a loft conversion done, then there are a few things that you need to understand before you begin.


Often, people tend to be confused about whether or not loft conversions in London are permissible. The idea may seem confusing initially, but once you know all about it, you will surely have more clarity!


Whether or not you need permission for a loft conversion in London depends on the work you need to do in your home.


Here are a few common questions that most people have before getting a loft conversion done.


Can I get a loft conversion done without any planning permission?

For most loft conversions, you don’t need any planning permission, especially if they’re simple ones. However, certain loft conversions don’t fit the permitted development criteria. For those, you need to apply for planning permission beforehand. It’s important to understand here that planning permission is only there to help you keep safe. It is, in fact, for your own benefit. While many consider it to be an added hassle, it is necessary.


How to know when I should apply for planning permission?

There are some limits and conditions that are applicable if you want any work to be carried out in your home. With so much information available online, you should be able to find all that you need to know, through research. However, this will surely take time and can also mean that you must put in a lot of effort.


So, the best idea is to speak to an expert who can guide you about this. This way, you lower your chances of missing out on something important. Architects and builders are the right people to get in touch with since they are experienced in this field and can impart the right knowledge to you.


On the whole, here are a few conditions that you need to keep in mind when planning for a loft conversion:

• Whether or not the loft space is the right size based on the type of property
• The extension shouldn’t be beyond the existing roof slope of the home
• The side-facing windows should be glazed for privacy purposes


Keeping these conditions in mind, you can get a loft conversion done. However, in most cases, if these conditions aren’t met, you will likely have to apply for planning permission. Getting permission may take some time, so plan accordingly.


With the permission in hand, you can get your work started at the earliest!


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