Location: Robson Avenue, Wilsden NW10

Duration: 5 weeks

Cost: £39,700


David works from home, which we all know can be both a blessing and a curse. He wanted to create an airy office space in which they could focus on their work and not feel claustrophobic staying in the house all day. So in we came to turn that redundant attic into a freelancer’s paradise.


The emphasis was on creating a well lit working environment. By installing multiple sky lights, as well as large open windows, we not only introduced a lot of natural light, but gave the client a view from their desk. Speaking of which, the bathroom, and specifically the tub, benefit from a view over the garden, with a privacy screen to protect their modesty.

Company completed my loft ahead of schedule took extreme care of my property and done a fantastic job. Would highly recommend them, the team were a pleasure too. Team were tidy, respectful, and very helpful. Thank you


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