Terraced house loft conversions

September 2021

Approximately 30% of homes in the UK are terraced houses. Terraced houses are attached to other properties on both sides – sharing a party wall. They’re usually found in more built up areas where the population is dense and more housing is needed. Because terraced houses are joined on either side it can be difficult to extend laterally as the only option is usually to go out at the back, taking up a large amount of the garden space – if there is any.

Thankfully, there is a much more terraced-friendly option in the form of loft conversions. Not only do loft conversions allow a terraced property to extend their square footage, increasing the number of bedrooms or even creating that much needed office, but they also allow homeowners to keep their outdoor space too.

Generally speaking, the vast majority of Victorian terraced houses are the perfect choice for a loft conversion as they usually possess a large loft space making them much easier to convert. It’s worth noting however that not all loft spaces were created equal and as such, you’ll need to consider whether yours is suitable for a loft conversion. Here are a few areas you’ll need to ensure are adequate:


– The head height of your loft is a minimum of 2.3m at the very highest point
– You have enough space for a full staircase
– Your current loft may house fixtures such as water tanks making it difficult to convert
– You’ll need to have party wall agreements signed by both neighbours

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