Three different conversion ideas that are popular right now

25th September 2021

A loft conversion is one of the most popular ways of converting your non-functional and non-usable roof space into something functional, like an accommodation space or storage space.


The terms loft and attic are often used interchangeably; however, they are very different from each other. The term attic is used for the entire story of the building that is present under the roof. The term loft refers to one of the spaces or rooms that is present beneath the roof.


Traditionally loft conversions were used as a way to convert the space beneath your roof into a small room that could be used for daily operations. However, with the advent of technology and exploration, there are so many different ideas that can be put into a loft conversion.


In today’s time, a loft conversion can be turned into something amazing that can leave you in awe of the place. It can add plenty of natural light to the space, increase the living and usable space, add aesthetics to your house, and work as your relaxation room.


Some of the most popular loft conversion ideas that are being adopted by people in today’s time are,


A home office

With Covid-19 changing the way people work and work from home taking over our work lives, a home office is a great addition to the house. If you have a home office setup, the transition from work in the office to work from home is not a difficult one for you.


With the current pandemic situation, this transformation is going to be a long-lasting one, and therefore, the loft conversion to a home office can be the perfect separation between your living space and the workspace.


Some of the common benefits of a home office loft conversion are,

●        It provides a dedicated space without any distractions.

●        It adds to the value of the house.

●        It saves time for traveling to the office.


To avoid cluttering the loft with things that don’t make sense, there are a few ideas that one can stick to, to avoid losing the eye-appealing essence of the home office. These are,


Build into nooks

A loft converted office will have a lot of nooks all across the room. You can plan your shelves and tables in a way that complements those and is cut in a way that they are suited better in those spaces.


Multi-task your space

It is not necessary to convert the entire loft into a home office. You can also accompany it with a small bed, sofa, or you can even build two rooms in that place one of which could be your office and the other your comfort zone.


 Add space for natural light

You mustn’t underestimate the importance of natural light while you are building and designing the loft. Plenty of natural light can add to the productivity of your work, and also reduce the stress on your eyes.


Add colors

The right colors can also add to your productivity as they can make you feel calm and relaxed. Color coding can also be done to enhance the office and it also makes it easier for you to find stuff.


Adding other features like lights inside the office, adding insulation and heating systems, and enough spaces for storage are some of the major considerations that one should make while converting your loft into a home office.


Luxury storage space

As your family grows, the stuff that you have to store in the house starts to multiply too. Earlier the house might seem to be spacious and clutter-free, but as time passes there can be a lot of stuff that needs to be stored properly.


Converting your loft into a storage space is the solution to control the overcrowding of stuff and the overflowing boxes as well.


You can start the process by asking yourself certain generic questions about your storage needs that will help you understand what exactly you want. This will help you better plan your loft conversion design. Later, you can also measure the available space to ensure that your expectations and the plan match the criteria of the space that the loft has to offer.


The next step is to decide what kind of loft conversion you want for your future storage space. You can go as simple as the simple loft boarding loft conversion process or as luxurious as the non-habitable loft conversion process.


Check the budget of the entire process and see if it fits your pocket. There are many other options that you can decide on if the process exceeds your budget, as there are multiple loft conversion options available for a storage option.


The last step would be to either DIY the whole project or hire a professional to help quickly and efficiently perform the entire procedure. Once your storage space is built, all you have to do is get those boxes into the room and organize them in your new storage space!


Relaxation room

With the pressure of the ongoing pandemic, it can be highly exhausting to not have a space where you feel at peace. Having a dedicated room in your house where you can go sit and relax all by yourself is an amazing addition.


A loft conversion is one of the most suitable ways to do so. All you have to do is plan what you want to have in your relaxation room and this conversion can guarantee you get what your soul wants.


Some of the additions that you can make to enhance the entire space of the l0ft to give it the aesthetics of the relaxation room are,


Sound system

Adding a sound system or even installing speakers in the loft allows you to play calming and meditative music which can help you relax. It will be your getaway from all the noise of the city and your house.


It will keep you away from the distraction of the housework and people, and help you gain peace and tranquility.


Uncluttered space

The idea of a cluttered and full space can be frustrating and irritating for some people. It can be distracting for some people. Having a space that is clutter-free and spacious will help you gain peace and keep you stress-free.


Calm and serene paint colors

Aside from the furniture and other additions to the room, you might want to keep the colors of the walls and other surrounding materials in a light and calm tone. As the color of the room affects your mood, it is essential to choose colors that elevate your mood and make you feel stress-free.


You can choose the theme as light or dark depending on what makes you feel good and happy.


Bring nature to your relaxation room

Adding some natural elements to your room can be soothing and healing at the same time. Meditating and relaxing are all about letting yourself lose and connecting with nature and surroundings.


Adding small plants, shells, or even a small water fountain can all integrate into a harmonious experience.


Natural lighting

Plenty of natural light will make you feel warm and cozy. You want to consider adding windows that help diffuse light into the room.


There are many other ideas that you can consider adding adding to your loft according to what suits you the best!

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