Loft conversion cost: 2022 UK price comparison

28th May 2022

A lot of homes have unused space that goes to waste. Have you ever thought about how that unused space can be used in the best way? You can convert your loft into a living room or an extra bedroom for the house. That can help you utilise the space in an ideal way, depending on what you want to use it for.


For this purpose, you might need to change the entire structure of the place or even reorganise it. However, be mindful that this is a considerable investment. Of course, if you compare this cost to buying a larger house and extending the current one, it is much lesser than that. Moreover, if you incur this cost now, it can help add value to your property.


There are a lot of companies that specialize in loft conversions in London. They take up the project right from the start. This means that they create an entire plan for you, give you a cost estimate, and get the required permissions to begin working.


The cost of the project will play a defining role in whether you choose to get a loft conversion done or not. Read on as we discuss the typical cost of a loft conversion in London.


Loft conversion cost estimates

Before you start thinking about getting a loft conversion done, you’ll need an estimate of the cost. Various factors affect the cost of your loft conversion in London. These include the size of your space, the type of loft conversion you want, and the method you employ.


Type of loft conversion

There are several different types of loft conversions. The one you opt for depends on what you are looking for. You need to do your research to see which one fits your budget. The “room in loft” is the one that is the easiest. This means that you will just be making a room inside the loft. To build this type, you will need to follow specific regulations like the available headroom that you have.


Single-storey conversions are fairly easier since they don’t require a lot of construction. However, you might need to upgrade the house foundations for double-storey conversions. In most cases, local authorities don’t approve of these either, since they make your house look very different from the others in the neighbourhood.


The window style and roof shape are something that only the local authorities can guide you about, based on your area. In the case of windows, these can be in dormer style or a roof light, whereas there are several different roof shapes. Your architect can guide you better about these.


Loft conversion costs

To compare the costs, you can look at the costs per area. The table below will help you get a better idea of the costs.


The costs vary depending on the style that you choose to go for. A simple room in loft conversion can cost between £15,000 and £20,000. If you opt for a dormer conversion, it can cost somewhere between £30,000 and £60,000. The average cost for a hip to gable conversion is £55,000, whereas a Mansard loft conversion will cost around £60,000, making it the most expensive option.


Before you can estimate, make sure you know all about the VAT rate to know whether or not it can be included in the cost. When this article was written, the standard VAT rate was 20%.


Additionally, your location will also be an important factor affecting your cost. For example, London and Home Counties are more expensive than other parts of the country.


Professional fees

It is of utmost importance that you hire a professional to help you with loft conversion in London. An architect can help you chalk out plans that you can then submit to the local authorities to get the necessary permissions. You will also need a structural engineer on board to help you with the structural work and strengthening of the foundations.


• The local authority will ensure that your loft conversion doesn’t disrupt anything in the surrounding neighbourhood and that it is in line with the regulations.


• The planning department will decide whether or not you can get the loft conversion done. The planning portal will help you with cost estimates too.


• The building and control department ensures that the design, materials, and methods meet the standards. You must first check with the professionals you hire to see if they can self-certify themselves and see if the loft conversion is in line with the building regulations. You might even need a building control inspector to see if the work meets the standards.


• If you share a wall with your neighbour that will be affected by your loft conversion, you will need to know about the Party Wall Act 1996. The cost of this differs based on the nature of your work. An RICS accredited surveyor can help you with the cost here.


Loft conversions in London are worth every penny spent on them. You can get so much extra space in your house. There’s also plenty of flexibility in terms of how you choose to use it. You can turn it into a workspace for yourself, an extra bedroom, or even a bedroom for guests.


However, you need professionals experienced in this arena to help you out. Not just that, but you also need specific permissions from the local authorities. To get a loft conversion in London, you need to get in touch with two to three different building companies and get quotes from them. This is very important to ensure that they don’t rip you off.


Visit our website if you’re interested in getting a loft conversion done, and fill out a form with your details. We will help you understand how much your project would cost.

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