25th March 2022

Most people pay special attention to their loft conversion bathrooms, thinking of how they can design them perfectly. Wet rooms have become very popular here because of how stunning they look. Many people prefer having wet rooms in their bathrooms instead of a standard shower. But can you have a wet room in your loft conversion bathroom? Yes, but you also need to consider a few factors before you do this. Let’s take a look at what these are.


The Space
To make your loft conversion as functional as possible, you need to make sensible use of your space. While you can make a wet room in a small space, you need to plan it out properly, considering that you also need to add more things there. The best part about a wet room is that it can make your bathroom appear bigger since you won’t be adding a shower tray. So if you’re worried that your bathroom might look too cramped, the good news is that it won’t.

If you plan to get a wet room made, you have to make sure that all the plumbing work has been carried out properly. Any leaks can cause a lot of problems for you. So you need to make sure that you choose the right company for your plumbing needs. If they have experience with wet rooms, that’s even better because they will know exactly how to make them. Not just that, but you also need to make sure that they have a warranty.


Another important consideration is drainage. There will naturally be a lot of water in your bathroom if you make a wet room. So you have to make sure that the water gets drained away properly, otherwise, you might have to get repairs done.


Safety measures
Your safety comes first! After showering in a wet room, you need to be very careful. You wouldn’t want to slip and get hurt. So when you’re designing a wet room, you need to consider all types of safety measures. It is a great idea to install grip handles. If you slip, you can instantly grab them to avoid injury. Besides that, you also need to be very careful when showering in a wet room. Take all precautionary measures to ensure that you don’t end up hurting yourself.


So if you’re planning to get a wet room for your bathroom, it is indeed a great idea. Apart from the aesthetical appeal that they give to your bathroom, they also give you and your family an open place to shower. They are very easy to install, and cleaning them also doesn’t take a lot of time. The only thing you need to take care of is the safety measures.


If you look at it from an investment point of view, be assured that it will add value to your home. You will surely be able to sell your home at a profit later on if you have a wet room in your bathroom.


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