The rear dormer loft conversion

10th March 2022

Rear dormer conversions are among the most popular types of loft conversions in London. This type of loft conversion works for all types of properties. It has a vertical rear wall instead of a sloped one. Not only does this have an aesthetic appeal, but it also offers numerous benefits. Our company has completed several types of loft conversions for homes across London. Read on as we discuss the benefits of a rear dormer loft conversion and other things you need to consider.


The benefits of a rear dormer loft conversion
If you want to add some extra space to your home, this type of loft conversion is ideal since it can add around 50 cubic meters of space. This means you will have more space than a single room since this loft conversion has a considerable height. You can get this loft conversion done whether you have an L-shaped home or any other complex design. Moreover, you will not need planning permission for this type of loft conversion in most situations. Since most planning approvals take around eight weeks, this can save you a lot of time.


If you’re opting for a rear dormer loft conversion, then you also don’t have to worry about evacuating your house while you get your loft converted. Most of the work is done outside, and there is very little disturbance inside the home. It takes around eight to ten weeks for construction, but you need to get the required Party Wall Agreements with your neighbors before this. After that, a structural engineer will start the construction process based on the architectural plans for your loft.


Things to consider in rear dormer loft conversions


Choosing a roof
Choosing a roof for your loft is one of the crucial steps of loft conversion. Most people choose a flat dormer roof since you can easily install roof lights or an eco-roof. A shed roof is also a popular choice, but you should only go for this if you have a gable roof in your house. You also have the option of choosing a hipped roof dormer, but you will have the least amount of headspace remaining if you choose this one. That’s because all three sides slope downwards.


Determining if you have space
Your loft should have a height of at least 2.3 meters for you to be able to have a rear dormer loft conversion. Sometimes, you might also need to lower the floor-ceiling if your loft doesn’t have the required space.


Calculating the cost
Now you must be wondering how much a rear dormer conversion can cost you. It depends entirely on the location and the size of your property. You can expect the cost to be anywhere from £38,000 to £50,000, including VAT. We always recommend our customers add in an extra 10% when budgeting, in case you need to make a few changes to the design later.


If you want to determine the exact cost, that depends on the number of rooms you want, the type of glazing, and the number of fittings. Your surveyor can give you a detailed quote after analyzing what you want.


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