Important pre-considerations when planning a loft conversion in London

29th January 2022

Most people who get their loft converted do so because they want to get the best possible use out of their space. Some want to convert it into a recreational space for themselves, while others may just want to turn it into a playroom for their kids. It depends entirely on what they want to make of that space. Left conversions can be very useful here. They allow you to convert a space into anything, that too with great ease and at a minimal cost.


Having said that, there are a lot of things that need to be considered before you actually begin your loft conversion. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind at all times:

Strength of the Structure
Converting your loft can add a lot of useful space into your home, but at the same time, it adds to the weight as well. While this is not as huge of an amount of weight, it does put excess pressure on the structure of your home. What you need to ensure is that the structure of your home can take this extra weight. You will need expert consultation to help guide you here and figure out how much extra weight the structure of your home can withstand.


Loft Conversion Head Height
To make sure that your loft serves the purpose you want it to, you need to make sure that you have the required head height. While you do this, bear in mind that there are also some rules and regulations that you have to follow. Most building regulations focus on the height being between 180 cm and 230 cm. You can look up these specifications for your place of residence and proceed accordingly.


Loft Conversion Building Regulations
Since loft conversions are a small part of home improvement, most people don’t think of them as needing extensive planning permission. Having said that, there are still some regulations that need to be checked and followed. It is always best to study these regulations and then follow them to avoid any issues that may arise later on.


Natural Light
The importance of natural light in your space is something that cannot be stressed enough. When you carry out a loft conversion, you need to make sure that there is enough natural light in your loft. How can you do that? For starters, you can consider adding skylights. This way, you can keep your space private while also getting enough sunlight. It’s a win-win!


While extensive planning goes behind loft conversion, this doesn’t mean that you should not go ahead with it. Pre-planning is always better since it helps you ensure that the process is much smoother, and you can get your loft conversion done without any issues. Your loft should look just the way you want and should serve its purpose. It should also be safe for you and your family.


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